Monday, December 1, 2008

Two Watches

These are my 2 watches, one is old and one is new. One is a Birthday Present & One i bought it costs : $59.90 i think but i'm not sure?

By the:
Little Creative Artist Princess
Thanks Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Tooth

On the 26th of Oct 2008, I went to ko ko B's birthday bbq, and i plucked out my tooth. It has been very shaky for a long time but it won't come out. When I bit into a piece of pizza at Godma's house, it became very loose suddenly. Aunt J, who is a dentist, took a piece of ice to numb my gum but i didn't want her to pluck it out because I was afraid. After that, I shook it a little and pulled it out on my own and magic, it came out! This is my 6th tooth i dropped. I'm so happy and proud that I removed my own tooth. This is the first time I did it. I showed it to everyone and mummy and daddy were so surprised and proud of me. It wasn't painful and Godma gave me a little plastic bag to keep it until i went home, cleaned and got it ready for the tooth fairy. But I also wanted mummy to take a photo of it, to show my friends here, my tooth.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Japanese D-I-Y snack

Hello everyone, I have been missing a long time. I went for a holiday and then mummy got lazy updating my blog.

I went to a classmate's birthday and this was in the goody bag. His daddy bought it from Japan. I got mummy to help me do it yesterday and it's yummy. I love it. :) This is how we did it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday Wishes on 12 may

look at the card i made for my mummy isn't it pretty with that ribbon at the top and the little pony inside the card and it says i love you and happy wishes.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Build-a Bear Workshop

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday party at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. We all had lunch at McDonald's and then we went over.

It was very fun and I was very excited. I had a lovely Hula Rabbit. I chose the rabbit, then the clothes, and the sandals. They were very nice.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i have pierced earrings

Monday i got my ears pierced. It was going to be very fun. But it was fun i liked it it was super-duper funny.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Easter Eggs

I made these in school today during English class. But they have already gone in my tummy. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Ballet Exam

I didn't go to school on Monday. Mummy said I'd be too tired for my exam in the late afternoon. I had been going to Wednesday extra classes since January and every time around 3-4pm, I always was tired.

I was very excited on Monday when I woke up in the morning and I was playing the cd of the music for my exams and was happily doing the dance steps that the Grade 1 girls were doing. Mummy couldn't believe that I knew their steps as well. Tell you a secret - after my Wednesday extra classes, I always stayed back to watch the che che(s) doing their dances. That's where I learnt to dance like them.

Let me tell you about my exam. I was extremely excited the whole morning even when Mummy and I were at the supermarket. It was only 10am and I was telling Mummy I wanted to go to ballet. I had been practising so hard all these weeks and I couldn't wait to show the examiner what I had learnt. Even my teacher says she is so glad because when I first joined the class, I couldn't even skip and I do it very well now.

So eventually, Mummy decided to go even earlier than planned as it was a rainy day. Luckily the rain wasn't so bad on Monday as it is now.

When I arrived, Miss Tan put me on a chair and started to comb my hair. She was saying my hair is difficult to comb, and if Mummy had done it, I would have been screaming away, but Miss Tan was ok. I dared not scream at her. Next, she put lots and lots of gel on my hair and put them up into a bun. When the bun was done, she sprayed hairspray all over my hair so that not a hair was out of place, just like Daddy always does every day. Mummy loved how neat I look and so did Daddy. No, he wasn't there but Mummy sent him a MMS to show him my photo. My hair has never looked so neat in my life. :) We were also given little ribbons for our hair and since I am in the Primary Grade, my leotard is white and I was given a white ribbon. It's so pretty.

This is the hall in which I did my exam. Do you see the pretty skirt in the back? I'm going to get one just like that soon when I start Grade 1 in a few weeks' time. It's called a 'character skirt' and I love it. There will also be character shoes to match the skirt and they have heels. I love high heels and am very excited I can't wait to wear them.

Here's my partner and I checking our names on the board.

Our examiner was a very nice lady. The mummies didn't get to meet her, only we girls did. She has yellow (blonde) hair, and she wears spectacles. When we went in, she said 'come in, my sweethearts'. And then we wished her a good afternoon. She asked us for our names and she said she won't call us by our names. Instead she called us fairies according to the colour of the rosettes on our leotards. I had a pink rosette and so she called me the pink fairy. My partner was the blue fairy and the other girl in our group was the yellow fairy. The white fairy was missing as she had to withdraw from the exam. The poor girl was sick and she couldn't make it.

Mummy said she could spy us through the gap in the curtains and she said we did very well, all of us. The examiner said we didn't have to do 'step close, step and point'. She also asked us about the story for our dance which was 'At the seaside'. The story is about a little girl going to the seaside to build a sandcastle. She then happily skipped around it, but when she went away, she turned around and saw that the waves had washed the sandcastle away, and she was so mad!

I loved my exam and had so much fun. I was asking Mummy if there is more. Now, I can't wait till 2 weeks' time for my 'undressing' ceremony (we will have to remove our skirts and there's no more skirts in Grade 1 except the character skirt) and also to learn the Grade 1 steps. Yippee!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I can cycle on two wheels

Wow, look, my daddy took the 2 training wheels off my bicycle. Hurray! I'm so happy. I've been wanting to ride on 2-wheel bikes. Yay!

I was very good, daddy said. It's the first time ever that I've ridden on them and I did great! Mummy was watching me from the kitchen window while daddy took me down to the car park to ride it. I could balance. And I rode very well on my own. :) Mummy said she fell down a lot when she was learning. And she called me on daddy's mobile to tell me that she was so proud of me that I did it so well the first time. I'm so happy :D

I'm so happy to be 6years old. I can do so many things. :)

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Hello everyone

Hello there. I have not had any updates on my blog as mummy was so busy in December and also in January, preparing for my parties. I have many photos to share. I had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought me a Barbie scooter. I love it so much. Daddy and Mummy got me inline skates, and yee yee (my mummy's sister) got me all the Bratz safety gear. I had two birthday parties and had lots of fun with all my friends from ballet, school, and outside friends. I think they had a great time, especially the party at Safra Toa Payoh, everyone enjoyed themselves a lot.

These are my Christmas presents. I love the High School Musical cheerleader outfit which I wore the whole of Christmas and also at my first birthday party. It was my Christmas present from Auntie Lisa, my daddy's sister.

Granny got me Rosella doll and grandma got me the Disney Princesses Hama beads which I so wanted. :)

Mummy got a lady to come to my HSM party to paint tattoos on us. And as I was the birthday girl, I got 3 paintings. So cool.

Auntie Daphne also did nail painting for the girls and I was special. She pasted butterflies on my nails but most girls only had nail colour.

My mummy made cupcakes for my birthday cake. Do you like them? I love them, especially the yellow ones. And lots of my friends also wanted the yellow ones. :) They were so yummy. My favourite chocolate.

I got so many birthday presents. I have more but mummy didn't take a photo of those from my second party. I love them all. Thank you to my friends and everyone for my lovely presents.

I was sick for my party :( so I didn't go to school when school re-opened after the holidays. But mummy needed to pay school fees so we went to school. Kimberley had her birthday cake that day so I was lucky I got to eat her strawberry cake. Yummy. I love strawberries. It's Ariel too, and I love Ariel. She's so pretty and I love her clothes.