Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Tooth

On the 26th of Oct 2008, I went to ko ko B's birthday bbq, and i plucked out my tooth. It has been very shaky for a long time but it won't come out. When I bit into a piece of pizza at Godma's house, it became very loose suddenly. Aunt J, who is a dentist, took a piece of ice to numb my gum but i didn't want her to pluck it out because I was afraid. After that, I shook it a little and pulled it out on my own and magic, it came out! This is my 6th tooth i dropped. I'm so happy and proud that I removed my own tooth. This is the first time I did it. I showed it to everyone and mummy and daddy were so surprised and proud of me. It wasn't painful and Godma gave me a little plastic bag to keep it until i went home, cleaned and got it ready for the tooth fairy. But I also wanted mummy to take a photo of it, to show my friends here, my tooth.